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Donate For Education

Sympathy was founded as a nonprofit organization to advance education and eradicate poverty by offering primary and secondary school scholarships to young people from economically deprived households.

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Donate For Old Age

Donate Online to Help Senior Citizens in Pakistan. Support Old Age people by Donating Sympathy.

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Donate for Health

Donate to improve health and for medical expenses. Every Donation Helps.

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To contribute to the noble cause in Pakistan, The Sympathy has embraced four key goals:

  1. Education: Sympathy was founded as a nonprofit organization to advance education and eradicate poverty by offering primary and secondary school scholarships to young people from economically deprived households.
  2. Social Welfare: The organization was founded as a nonprofit to eradicate poverty. To this end, it will carry out to distribute food Rashaan and basic grocery to those who need them.
  3. Senior Citizen Care: Sympathy was founded as a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing good quality of life to seniors who lived their lives in struggles and now their kids are giving them hard times, or there is no one to take care of them. By giving them access to the necessary medications and placing them in reputable shelter homes, sympathy aids these people.
  4. Women Empowerment: Sympathy was established to empower women. By providing them with possibilities in education, employment, and social activities. Women do not have less value than men.

For the years ahead, the Sympathy plans to support a worthy cause in Pakistan.

The organization will provide services to everyone regardless of ethnicity, age, religion, or sex. Sympathy will always uphold these ideals and condemns all forms of discrimination.


The Vision of Sympathy is to educate more children and raise literacy rates in affluent regions. In the future years, our team aspires to reduce poverty and boost employment rates so that no one has to go to bed hungry. We intended to work with many institutions to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. Sympathy aspires to empower independent women.


The mission of Sympathy is to provide social and material empowerment for lifelong possibilities by increasing job openings and youth education options so they may effectively prepare for their futures. Sympathy works to educate women in a variety of disciplines so they can work and support their families.


The goal of Sympathy is to put its mission and vision into practice. Give our youth education in basic skills so they can work and support their families. We will create more jobs and excellent possibilities for young people to benefit from long-term profits. We will work to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry and that seniors receive the finest Medicare along with their prescriptions and a healthy diet. We want to educate and empower women so they can fight for their rights, contribute to their communities, and support their families.


Sympathy provides education charity in three major ways which are the following:

  1. Education Loans: Sympathy offers interest-free loans to students for their studies and short courses, they are not required to pay them back. It is up to the student whether they choose to assist another person in obtaining an education or repay Sympathy to assist another person in obtaining an education in the future.
  2. Donation to Deserving Candidate: When parents need to pay for their children, sympathy receives cases in which we ask them to complete the application. We go to their homes, take some photos, and then email the images to our donors. We ask donors whether they are willing to aid that student and then pay their fees after attaching the application form, their fee voucher, images of their homes, and the student’s test results. We collaborate with the school on the progress of the student every six months. If they require tuition, we also cover it; if they are excelling academically, we also shift their schools so they can receive the best advice and guidance.
  3. Skilled-Based Courses: Sympathy arranges skill-based training for youth so they can work on their own and support their families. For them to learn, earn and support their families, we provide courses like Early child development teaching, midwifery, and beautician for women and courses like car fixing, air conditioning repair, auto cad, etc. for men.

Throughout the process, Sympathy will lessen poverty while expanding educational opportunities. But without our donors, we could not succeed. Our biggest supporters are our funders.


There are two main ways that sympathy offers social welfare charity, and they are as follows:

  1. Support to underprivileged by providing necessities: Every month, Sympathy provides basic groceries and Rashaan to needy families so they may eat and avoid going to bed hungry.
  1. Business Loans: To order to aid those who wish to work for a living but lack the resources or expertise to do so, Sympathy offers business loans. They can start a modest business and make money to support their families thanks to sympathy. Much like Sympathy, who gave a man a monthly loan to help him purchase a rickshaw. Now provides for his family and owns his rickshaw.

Sympathy assists the welfare charity throughout and informs sponsors about the documentation.


The following are the two primary ways that sympathy provides older people’s care charity:

  1. Food: When a senior is 75 years old or older and their family is unable to feed them well, sympathy offers food. Sympathy shares their circumstances with all the supporting documentation and finds contributors for their monthly food needs. Every time they use a donor’s money to assist someone with nutrition, they also send documentation to the giver.
  1. Medication: For elderly people 75 years of age and older whose families cannot pay their medication; Sympathy provides it. Doctors should write prescriptions for medication. Doctor bills are not covered by sympathy. To help elders pay for their medications, we identify donors.

Sympathy keeps track of all the information for their donors, attaches all the necessary paperwork, and develops a case study so that donors can get in touch with us.


For means enabling women and girls to have equal access to opportunity and engagement in their families and institutions, sympathy supports their efforts. In partnership with the Aga Khan Jan Bai Maternity Hospital in Kharadar, Sympathy organizes midwifery education and provides career possibilities for graduates.

Sympathy also plans to work with other institutions to educate women and girls in the fields of education, such as BSCN to become nurses or BED to become teachers. Pakistan’s future lies with its women. Not only can they work and take care of their families, but they can also give back to their neighborhood and help others in need.

Women are always encouraged by sympathy to participate in extracurricular activities, and they are assisted if they require any type of financial assistance to accomplish their objectives.



Ameen Pirbai, Rizwan Pirbai, Karim Pirbai, Azmina Pirbai, Ashraf Ali, Junaid Wali Dhonsali, Ahmed Surani


Salim Virani, Farzana Pirbai

Paid Field Worker:

Shamshuddin Sherali

Paid Admin Officer:

Alyan Nizamuddin


By our principles, suggestions for all types of donations are always appreciated. Donors can donate in the following ways through sympathy:

  1. Donate Your Time: Charity work is essential to the success of many organizations. Giving your time to the community by donating can be just as useful as giving money.
  2. Donate Your Skills: If you are talented in a certain area, like teaching, catering, or photography. The majority of hospitals, non-profits, and advocacy groups require professional services but cannot afford to hire skilled personnel.
  3. Donating Cash: If you would want to support education, women’s empowerment, or senior citizens, you can send donations via online transactions and keep track of them with us.

Ways to donate

Donate by cheque, send a cheque made payable to ‘SYMPATHY Registered Charity’ with your name, address, and a contact number to:

3 Charlotte Court,
Claremont Lane,
Esher, Surrey,
KT10 9AG

or you may direct deposit the cheque on our below account.

Account Name : SYMPATHY
Bank Name: Barclays
Account No: 10642371
Sort Code: 20-92-60

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