Educational Programs

Educational development continues to be recognised because the most urgent necessity of the world is education. Hence all the initial programs from the Sympathy Charity are concentrating on educational development. The possible lack of awareness, information, advice and financial assets remain the important constraints on our checklist. To deal with the academic development issues the Charity is presently applying the following programs:

Sympathy Interact
Sympathy Interact is a program that is now within the makings to be a real possibility by which Sympathy will actually conduct educational training courses to promote interactions among parents, students and professionals. The training courses also function as a platform to switch information and education related encounters in the real world which individuals face on a daily basis.

Sympathy Loans
SympathyLoans is an education loan program to supply financial support by means of low interest rate financial loans to vibrant and desperate students of Sympathy Charity worldwide to pursue top quality education. For additional particulars please send an e-mail to and write Sympathy Loans in the subject so it will be directed to the right department.

Sympathy Merit
Sympathy Merit is has gained tremendous interest from many and includes a unique program because of its connections worldwide to enhance qualities and excellence within students. Under the program a 1-time Merit Award is offered to students after Sympathy has checked their records and find that the students are worthy according to their scores within the Sitting, GRE, GMAT tests. Following would be the minimum scores to be eligible for a these Honours:

Sitting Excellence Award: 1400
GRE Excellence Award: 1800
GMAT Excellence Award: 600

SympathyLeaders is a new program being developed that will promote leadership skills to rise in youths, and organises leadership forums to foster cooperation in students amongst the network of Sympathy Charity worldwide.

Sympathy Charity was established in 2010. Our vision is of a future where aged people are free from the disadvantages of poverty, isolation and neglect so they can live with dignity, pride, as valued, respected, involved and productive members of the society. With the assistance, guidance and financial support from Sympathy Charity and our supporters the Charity desires these students create an effective professional or business career once they graduate. Working experience is important for locating an appropriate career chance for this reason alone; Internships have become a typical avenue for attaining real life working experience and contact with the significant atmosphere. Internships also assist in building new contacts as well as networking.

The Sympathy compensated internships will depend on 3 or more weeks period having a stipend as high as UK ú666 monthly compensated for an intern towards an incomplete or full support of his/her time being an intern within the United Kingdom. Stipend for internships based overseas is going to be determined on situation-by-situation basis with respect to the living costs along with other travel related expenses.

Qualifications Criteria:
1. Internships are available to both undergraduate and graduated pupils in the Sympathy Charity studying within the United kingdom.

2. Internship honours will be presented on the competitive and merit basis. Applicant should have the absolute minimum gpa (cumulative GPA) of three. on the 4. scale.

3. The undergraduate students should have completed a minimum of 2 years of school or college education and should be considered a junior or senior.

4. Worldwide students must get the official approval using their college/college to complete an internship.

5. Candidates should be signed up for his/her degree enter in the semester following an internship and finish his/her degree program.

6. Students need to find a appropriate internship chance by themselves having a trustworthy organization/company.

7. Students who’ve been granted Sympathy compensated internship aren’t qualified to try to get the 2nd time.

8. Students asking for partial or matching support will be presented preference.

Application procedure:

Application should be posted to Sympathy Charity office by the month of january 31 every year. Application forms can be acquired by getting in touch with Sympathy Charity via e-mail at:

Application must accompany following documents:

1. Transcript showing the cumulative Gpa (GPA).

2. One page statement of purpose explaining how internship can help create a professional or business career.

3. One-page Resume (Resume).

4. Cover Letter stating your views and expectations from Sympathy and how being with the charity will help your future.

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