This man lives in one room apartment with his mentally retarded daughter.

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He is in his 80s and still struggling to find a way out to reduce his misery and sufferings.  Being poor is seriously one of the biggest crimes, he says, as its impacts remains till the last breath of one’s life. He has a son who is earning, but is also not willing to take care of his elderly father…

This man lives in one room apartment with his mentally retarded daughter, who is totally dependent on him as she cannot take care of herself.  His wife died two years ago, so his daughter has no one else to take care of her than him.  He wants to do some work with which he can earn something for him and his daughter, but it is just out of question now for him.  His one eye has left working and the other is growing week too,  also his physical strength is declining with the passage of time.

His son is a fruit seller and has a wife with three children to look after.  The family used to live together, but when the son suffered some financial problems, he asked father and daughter to leave or send the daughter in a mental hospital but how can he??

The only thing he has to say is “I love my daughter a lot and I cannot leave her on the mercy of government run hospital staff, who are least bothered about the pain and severity of a patient”  “I also pray for my son everyday”….

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