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Education is the right of every man, woman and child, whether black or white, as education is the backbone of one’s personality and character. The importance of education has never been overlooked and in the recent years it has simply become the predominant reason for growth of every individual. With the mounting buzzword of technology in the corporate world, those who stand low on their educational standards are easily suppressed, overlooked and disdained by today’s society. It is because of the fact that not by sword, not by power; but education is the new tool for survival in the current era. Those who have been deprived of this true blessing are not only at a misfortune but often are not even considered the part of our civilized society. If you are able to read this article, be thankful to to your teachers who taught you how to read, be thankful to your parents who sent you to school to be educated and most of all be thankful that you got a chance to be educated; be thankful to have the knowledge of the latest communication and technological tools and be thankful that you are not the one among the millions who have to suffer the bitterness of the world, social exclusion and a life surrounded by misery and poverty. The importance of education was never so immense as it is today!

Asia might seem as an emerging continent with the technological revolution in China, India and few other countries, but there is a darker side of this same picture too. Asia remains as the 2nd largest continent after Africa in terms of its illiteracy rate of children. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are the major countries with drastic problems of poverty pertaining to the unavailability of educational resources and proper schooling system to a great number of children. Talking about Pakistan, a nation though rich in minerals and agricultural products, the problem of illiterate children is melting the charms of this country. There are nearly 11.6 million children in Pakistan who have not even been toelementary schools and stand below the bottom line of the literacy mark. Not only these, but there are other thousands, if not millions, students who were forced to leave their education in between in order to work and earn of their living because of some hardship that must have come upon them. The rate of literacy of orphans in Pakistan is around 1 in 16 that is only 1 child in 16 children has had an education that would allow him to be called literate, as the orphanage systems in Pakistan fails to provide both shelter and education to the children because of low donations or funds.

The intent behind sponsoring a child education program is to join hands for the noble and honorable cause to eradicate illiteracy from the face of the world. It is evident that this would not occur in day or two, not even in months or years, but it will occur one day in the distant future we hope. Sympathy believes in the fact that one educated child is the symbol of an educated family, and one educated family is a symbol of an educated generation. Our role in this noble mission is not as a sun that can enlighten the entire planet, but to lighta candle that can enlighten others and the process goes on until no child is left uneducated and illiterate. Sponsoring for a child education program is no less than serving a candle for yourself, a candle whose light will never extinguish.

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