Donate for Health

The overall health status of the world is improving with the latest technology and medicines to provide better healthcare to the patients. However, the health status of middle class and the poor ones is still following the declining curve as the cost of healthcare and hospital registration is sky touching. People with the health loan provided by their employers or the government are often safeguarded from bearing the hardships of paying high hospital bills and other medical expenses. The rest however suffer greatly and many are compelled to stay in their state of despair and hopelessness, seeing that their ailment cannot be treated without bundles of money.

Health donations form the largest form of all donations that are given to the needy people today. This gives us a clear picture that there are many people today that are unable to cure their health problem, not because there is no cure present, but because they do not have enough money. A person suffering from lung cancer will have no joy left in his life, knowing that he is moving towards his death every single day. There are hundreds of mothers who demise everyday due to breast cancer and other health disorders whose treatment is both complicated and highly expensive. It is true that life and death is in the hands of the Almighty, but efforts and prayers together can move mountains and that what Sympathy stands for.

Any donation is a noble act, but that can save a person’s life cannot be compared to any other act. As rightly said that, saving one life is no less than saving the entire humanity. Our donation is spent on the medical treatment and recovery procedures of people, whether they are men, women, children or the senior citizens. Health problems in children are not uncommon anymore as there are millions of children worldwide that are suffering from health diseases that highly risk their lives if not treated timely. For this reason, Sympathy puts great efforts towards health diagnosis of children and other persons living in underdeveloped and slum areas where there are greater risks for health disorders and lesser resources for healthcare and medicines.

We believe that true health standard can be achieved only if the poor and the needy persons are given the opportunity to fight their health problem and start over a new life with their families. It is really distressing to see that though there are better and improved remedies available for health disorders today, the death ratio due to cancer, malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases is mounting up sharply. We call for help for this reason, considering it our individual responsibility to improve the health status of the world in the true sense. And we therefore call for your donation for health, your donation for a better tomorrow.