Case Study On Hina Zulfiqar

  • Case Study On Hina Zulfiqar

Hina Zulfiqar is a 24 years old girl currently suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (S.L.E). S.L.E is an autoimmune disease. This means that the immune system (which normally protects the body for infections) mistakenly attacks itself. Around 1 in 3 people..


  • Date: May 26, 2014
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    [olimometer id=2] Update on 15-May-2014 at 10:00 pm

    Hina Zulfiqar is a 24 years old girl currently suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (S.L.E). S.L.E is an autoimmune disease. This means that the immune system (which normally protects the body for infections) mistakenly attacks itself. Around 1 in 3 people with SLE may develop inflammation of the kidneys, which can lead to the kidneys leaking protein and blood in the urine. If this occurs, it is considered the disease is very severe. This can be life threatening. Hina is currently in Aga Khan Hospital Karachi. Her MR No. is 138-34-06. First time she was told about the decease was in 2011. It occurred as a normal fever and lose in body weight. Further tests revealed the severity of the disease. This time Hina lost consciousness while studying for her B.A exams. She was brought to AKU ER by the family. Her conditions are considered to be stable at present after spending many days in I.C.U. According to AKU doctors, she is required one dialyses as SLE has attacked her both kidneys. Hina is also required three more Anti-dsDNA injections. Each injection costs 130,000 PKR (390,000 PKR) that is around £2300 @ 170.00 exchange. Hina needs these injections to survive. Furthermore, her current bill at AKU has reached 752,923.00 PKR (see attached hospital bill up till now). This is excluding the cost of above injections. Sympathy has made its enquires and can confirm that Hina’s family is not able to pay the current hospital bill nor can afford the injections. In reality Hinas father is a Rickshaw driver and her brother works in MCB as collection officer with 14,000 salary per month (see attached MCB Payslip). These two family members are the main earners of the family. Sympathy is now spreading the words to Ismaili donors all over the world. Please contribute what ever you can, even £5.00 is good enough. Hina deserves to live. Please see attached following proofs. A donor does not have to go through Sympathy, they can directly contact the family or deposit their donation direct to AKU account under her MR no. 138-34-06, Room C104, Bed A if they choose to do so.

    Attached Proof:

    Click Here To View Email:  for more proof.. Id cards of Family Members. House Uitlity Bill. Current Medical Report. Doctors Letter. MCB Payslip. Current Pictures of Hina in Hospital.

    HINA'S PROGRESS AS AT 8TH FEB 2014. (Update)

    We met Hina's mother in hospital yesterday and gathered Hina's current progress. We have also spoken to her doctor, Dr. Soliha. We have also obtained Hina's entire medical reports, (its a huge bunch) see attached. We have also requested all her previous bills from the hospital and are promised to have those on monday 10th Feb 2014. We will upload them as soon as we possible. This will give everyone a clear picture of who has helped her previously and how much she owes now? except her current bill that will be given when she will discharge from the hospital.

    Sympathy are facing two issues.

    1. Previous and current Hospital outstanding bills. Estimated 13,00,000 PKR (£7,650 @ 170 exchange) as at 8/02/14 2. Her future treatment and medications. Estimated 7,27,500 PKR (£4,280 @ 170 exchange) as at 8/02/14 Clearly family can not afford. They are already in debt. Hospital is keep asking her for payments and her current admission bill is hitting the roof. On the other hand her mother is worried how she would manage her required Dialysis (3 times a week), Anti dsDNA injections and monthly medications. After speaking to her doctor, we were given some idea of her future treatment costs. Dr. Soliha has confirmed the following to us with regards to her future treatment: 1. 3 x Dialysis per week for next three months at least. (Cost: 7500 PKR each = 2,92,500 PKR) 2. She has had 4 x Anti DNA injections so far. She would need further three injections after 3 months (Cost: 1,30,000 each with AKU discount = 3,90,000 PKR) 3. According to her doctor's estimate, her monthly medication would cost around 15,000 PKR per month for next 3 months. (Cost: 45,000 PKR) Above does not include her outstanding hospital bills. Our main worry is if hospital out standings are left unpaid, her next ER admission may be denied. Sympathy will show "Goal" and "Raised" icons on the web. Amount Raised will be uploaded on daily basis but we are stuck with the Goal amount? Looking at above, we are not sure if I should add her previous and current hospital bills in it? (it is still going up and we have no idea where it will stop). Sympathy welcomes any suggestions or advice on that, please send suggestions to .


    - S.L.E has affected her Kidney functions. She is stable. Doctors hope to revive her renal functions. - If they can not accomplish then she would be on permanent Dialysis or go for kidney transplant. - She has had 4 shots of Anti dsDNA injections, however she would require 3 more shots after three months. - She is on Dialysis at present. The reason for her current admission was water retention and difficulty in breathing. - Doctors plan to discharge her in couple of days.

    Update Reports:

    Report 1 (Click To View) Report 2 (Click To View)

    Progress Evidence as at 15th Feb 2014

    HINA’S PROGRESS (BY HER MOTHER) as at 15th Feb 2014.
    • Hina was due to discharge on 10th Feb 2014 but doctors extended her stay. Her Fistula surgery was aborted by doctors for medical reasons.
    • Hina was discharged on 14th Feb 2014, please see her comprehensive discharge summary.
    • Her current AKU bill is also attached along with the list of her medications.
    • Donations to date stands at £765.00 (1,32,345 PKR @ 173 exchange), out of that Sympathy has paid Initial deposit of 30,000 PKR and discharge payment of 20,000. Plus 10,000 cash paid to Hina’s mother for medical equipments doctors suggested. (Copies of discharge cheque and receipt of cash are enclosed below).
    • Furthermore, we will upload receipts of purchased equipments as soon as we receive from Hina’s family.
    • Rest of deductions in AKU bill are the result of donations received direct in AKU account, for which we have no record.
    • Hina requires 3 x Dialysis per week starting from tomorrow. Each will cost 7300 PKR.
    • Monthly medicine (Quotation) will cost 6448 PKR (excluding 4 x medicine that were not available for quote)
    • She will need 3 x Shots of Anit dsDNA injections after 3 months. Each will cost 130,000 PKR(This includes AKU discount)
    • Doctors may place a Fistula on her arm at a later date.
    • Looking at above, more donations are required to help Hina. Please HELP!!!
    • Donors are welcome to make their own enquires and/or make the contributions direct to the family account or to AKU. Please email us for the family’s contact details.
    Update Reports: Virani Hina Zulfiqar Discharge Summary (MR # 138-34-06) Patient Account Receivable Report (Please note: Sympathy has removed Hina’s picture on her family request) Donation Progress Bar Update on 15-May-2014 at 10:00 pm [olimometer id=2]

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