Supporting charities both financially and by volunteering might not seem a big deal and yet it’s something we should all do. You might be thinking that charities have done well without you for years and that since what you can give is too little you shouldn’t be bothered to give it at all. But think again and realize how important it is to support charities; in simple math, let’s say I need ten oranges, but I’ve only got a quarter of an orange. That’s indeed very little compared to the whole amount of oranges I need. I asked here and there and many people had spare oranges to give me, now I’ve got nine and a half, but I still really need ten. Now let’s say you only have half an orange to spare and even though it is not much it is exactly what I’m missing. Your half an orange is what will make the difference. Charities exist for a reason, that is to help people in need, by gathering goods from everyone who has even a little excess of something and give it to someone who has nothing. The way the world is set does not allow everyone to have the same luxuries, but that does not mean we can’t all have our basic needs met. We need to think of the world as one body, a big machine that needs everyone’s contribution to work well and if you consider yourself a cog of no importance, you’re wrong, because even if the smallest cog is absent the machine cannot work.

It is important to support charities however we can; their work has an essential part in everyone’s life. Many times we think “why should we help without getting anything in return” and my answer to this is not that we should not be selfish, because that would be against our nature, but that it is inaccurate to believe that helping a charity gives you nothing in return. The whole concept is that when anyone is in need charities are there to support them, so instead of thinking that you are giving something up, think that you are contributing in this concept from which anyone including yourself can benefit from.

By: Arghierenia Kyrimi

Reasons To Donate To Charity

Life is unpredictable and unfair; you never know when it’s going to be you who’ll be in need. Many people seem to think “this is not going to happen to me” and I ask you why? How do you know that? The truth is you don’t. In this game we’re all playing, called life, there are no winners and losers and all players need to support each other. Because only through mutual support this world can be a better place, we can be better people and no matter what mischance knocks on our door we’ll know that there will always be someone out there to offer his hand to us. Nothing is pre-arranged and even if we were indeed driven by fate – we wouldn’t know it. We have the power however to cheat in the game, by being prepared for the unfortunate, ready to fight it and knock it out of the way.


Donate items, donate food, donate clothes, donate your time, donate money. Many people claim to want to donate to charities (and I’m not saying their lying), but they only have enough money to live and can’t afford to donate. What if you skipped the coffee one day? Or had one drink less Saturday? Or used the 3D glasses from last time at the cinema instead of buying new ones? What people don’t realize is that there are a million different ways to save £1 per week minimum. On the other hand, charity foundations and organizations are not only looking for money donations, you can donate items and clothes you no longer use or wear (or you perhaps bought the wrong size and it’s just sitting in the closet!), some charities even ask for homemade food for fundraising events and don’t forget that if every pound is precious to you, if you have no items you could donate and if you don’t know how to cook, you can always donate your time. The are no skills required for volunteering, your will and a big warm smile are enough. Anything you can give, no matter how big or small you might think it is, can make a difference.


Personally, the idea that one action of mine gives someone else a smile makes me feel incredible. Imagine, you have the power to make a stranger happier, we are all connected, one body, you are going to help somebody and later on somebody else is going to help you or your family and this is how life moves on. If we all made the first step today and made a promise to donate each month all we can, we would never need to worry for the unfortunate, because we’d know every stranger out there would be ready to help and support us.