Case Study On Gulshakar Sherali

Case Study On Gulshakar Sherali

I am 63 years old and living with one of my three daughters in Karachi. Since the death of my husband, I have struggled to support myself.

Family Losses…

When my husband passed away I knew I wouldn’t just have to deal with the sorrow of his 

Case Study On Akber Murad Ali

I was refrigeration engineer and worked for a reputable company for many years.  I was unaware that I had diabetes and when I found it was too late.  Both my legs had to be amputated because of this.  This has left my family disabled as me as I was the only earner.

Case study On Hamida Amin

Every parent’s biggest worry is always their children. We put them before everything, even ourselves, and we would do anything just to keep them safe. Our daughter is 35, and in other families, she would assist in supporting us in our old age rather than us supporting her.

Case Study On Shahnaz

The most painful thing for a mother is to see her children starving of hunger and could not do anything to feed them. I have been through this pain in my life, when I had no job and no other way of earning to feed my little children.

My husband got addicted to Class B drugs…

Case Study On Saddruddin Juma

I am 82 years old. I face a daily struggle to survive and keep my family safe. I have nobody to turn to.
I have been blind since I was 40 years old. For decades I have existed in darkness, with only the support and love of my wife to keep me going. She used to take care of me, buying food