Fajar – 9 years old on Dialysis



Met this lady in Sultanabad Colony Karachi. The name of this 42 Year woman is Rubina. She gets 10,000 RS/= from National Council and 1000/= from Jamal Foundation to feed her family for a month. Sympathy got to know that her husband left her a year ago for another woman. She has three daughters and a son. Her typical day starts at 0500 Hrs in the morning, and ends late in the night. On a day she takes Fajar, her 9 years old daughter, for Dialysis.

Fajar has lost her Kindneys at the age of 7.

Rubina leaves home early so Fajar’s Dialysis turn can come around 0900 Hrs, due to limited beds at SUIT (a free private organisation in Karachi). She must return home in time so she can find and arrange food for other children to lunch, when they return from school. It turned out that Rubina’s rundown room rent, children community school fees, and utility bills leaves her 2000/= ($20 Dollars) a month for the food.

At the end she got tears in her eyes as we talked through. Sympathy asked her how she manages with Fajar’s medications. She told me that medications are given by SUIT, her challenge is food. Her elder daughters are forced to keep fast so that Rubina can feed younger ones. She normally waits for someone to give their left overs. It is hard for her to even feed Fajar or afford a cup of tea, before or after she is Dialysed. Fajar legs are becoming thinner due to malnutrition. This is not all. Her other two daughters goes school, they get over 90% marks in school (see attached). Sympathy asked her two daughters what they want to become if they ever get a chance. One said she would be a Doctor and other would want to be a Dentist.

Sympathy was glad to offer Rubina the monetary which I could. Can’t compare the happiness I felt. This lone lady is standing alone and surviving each day as it comes. Sympathy would like to ask all of you to pray (if not able to provide monetary help) to people like Rubina. They never Beg, they are living with Dignity. The least we can do is to support their hardship by praying for them. It feels so amazing to help in any way we can for those who never give up and fights all the struggles with a smile….

Updated on 8 July 2015

NOTE FROM SYMPATHY:  Due to overwhelming support and donations received, Sympathy has now sufficient funds for Fajar’s family for a year.  Thank you all for your support.