Supporting Families During COVID-19

Your Donation Can Save A Soul

The World Health Organization has declared the new Corona Virus Covid- 19 outbreak as a global pandemic and the Governments across the world are taking extreme measures to stop the virus from being spread.

This highly contagious virus has spread to every country of the world, claiming thousands of lives. Even hospitals in the first world countries, with the best health care systems are overwhelmed. With no vaccines and cure for this contagious disease the Governments world over have imposed lockdown and social distancing to prevent it from spreading even further.

But the conditions in third world countries, like Pakistan, are even worst. With outdated and limited public health facilities, and costly private hospitals accessible to only few rich there are hardly any health facilities for the poor people of Pakistan. So far lockdown or social distancing is the only answer to deal with this pandemic but lockdown means loss of livelihood for major work force of Pakistan, as it depends on daily wage earning.

The government of Pakistan has taken timely and well effective decisions that prevented Covid- 19 to spread rapidly in the country. But the biggest problem this poor country is facing right now is the supply of the food and medical facilities keep them safe in their homes during this lockdown.

Feed a Family – Sharing Is Caring

At Sympathy, we have taken the initiative to help more vulnerable people who are going through a hard time because of the lockdown. We are raising funds to help these affected people in the hour of need. Your donation to this fund will be used to provide these people with the basic needs such as food and medicines so that they may stay safe and healthy with their families during the lockdown. We have provided the packages containing food items such as wheat flour, rice, and lentils as well as medicines, face masks, gloves, soaps, and hand sanitizers.

We humbly request you to take part in this noble cause and donate whatever you can to save the underprivileged of Pakistan from death and destruction.

We ensure that your donations will be delivered to the needy in the form of food and medicines.

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How to Donate?

Donate by sending a cheque made payable to ‘SYMPATHY Registered Charity No: 1136538 UK’ and ‘SYMPATHY Registered Charity No: 5316087 PK’ with your name, address, and a contact number to:


294/1 Bagh-e-Rahat, Harish Chandra Street,
Off D.Cruz road, Garden East Karachi 75000

+92 331 2789828


3 Charlotte Court,
Claremont Lane,
Esher, Surrey,
KT10 9AG

Tel : 0203 750 0206

or you may deposit the cheque directly on our account below:

Soneri Bank
Branch : Garden East
Name: Karim/Ameen/Rizwan Pirbai/Azmina
Account No :20000030938
IBAN: PK18SONE0001320000030938

Paypal ID:


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